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Updated timeline of planning applications

This is an outline of when facilities at Aldermaston have gone through the planning process




Orion laser December 2003 January 2006 £183m
IT buildings December 2004 February 2005
Office buildings December 2004 February 2005
Gemini complex October 2006 January 2007 £60-70m
Small scale components facility September 2007 November 2007
High Explosives Fabrication Facility November 2007 February 2008
Conventional Manufacturing Facility June 2008 August 2008
Warhead Assembly/Disassembly Facility December 2008 March 2009 £30m
Enriched Uranium Facility November 2009

Hydrodynamics Facility Main Mid 2010

Systems Engineering Facility Beyond 2010

Small Scale Formulations

Chemical Processing

Emergency Response Capability Facility

Non Metallurgy and Material Science

High Performance Computer

New Office Accommodation Phase 3