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This morning a small band of rogue Serco shareholders disrupted the "business as usual" approach at the Annual General meeting, held in the QEII Conference Centre in central London.

Questions were raised regarding the possible criminal negligence of directors and shareholders due to contracts which may, in future, be held to be unlawful or part of a criminal conspiracy (eg nuclear weapons or deals signed when under occupation, etc).

A question about how much anticipated profit Serco hope to make from the 25-year AWE contract was declined to be answered by directors, rebuffed as "commercially sensitive".

A sterling poetry intervention was made at one ponit, intended to get shareholders and directors to consider their personal role in war profitting. The Chair merely said "thankyou"!

Questions about Serco's involvement with reconstruction contracts in Iraq seemed to cause the most disquiet amongst directors and provoked the most vague responses.

AWPC will be back next year, to continue asking those annoying little questions and, hopefully, with a bigger and more visible presence outide the AGM. Perhaps next year the sun will shine!