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Report from Serco AGM

|sharetheworlder | originally published on indymedia on 12.05.2009 16:16

Dubbed "probably the biggest company you've never heard of".
Serco are a multinational viral company heavily involved in the arms
trade, Aldermaston nuclear weapons establishment, outsourced education
and health services in the UK, as well as the running of private prisons
around the world and immigration removal centres like Yarls' Wood, where
2000 children are detained every year. Serco recently won new contracts
to run immigration detention centres in Australia:

This morning Serco held their AGM in the Queen Elizabeth Conference
Centre, just a stone's throw from the Houses of Parliament. The
surroundings are plush, the food and drink plentiful, the security
tight. Every year a group of rogue shareholding peace women disrupt the
meeting with poetry, prose and song, until they are physically removed
by security. Today was no different. Once "order" was restored the
meeting proceeded.

The chief executive then presented to shareholders with a roll call of
achievements of the past year and future plans, such as the increase in
defence contracts with the US government and Serco's £2.5 billion in
profits to be reaped over the next 10 years from the NHS contract with
Guy's and St Thomas's Hospital. Serco funded the 1998 IPPR research that
resulted in government private-public partnerships and then went on to
scoop up one government contract after another.

Shareholders sat quietly listening to the litany of corruption and
theft. The chair then thanked all shareholders for their attendance and
their patience during the disruptions. This was clearly too much for an
elderly lady who had arrived late. She jumped up and shouted at the
platform and the floor. "Killing is BIG BUSINESS". The man in front of
her groaned and said "not again". A slow handclap started so she
screamed louder and louder, "murderers, murderers, murderers" until
security staff surrounded her and she was escorted from the building.

Financial information:

Campaigns against Serco:


A copy of a letter handed out to SERCO shareholders by AWPC shareholders is attached