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Awkward questions requiring answers

From Blair's ministry of chancers,

All scrabbled together to consult their diaries

As they prepared for public enquiries

Before two chose upright men

To point the finger at who knew what and when

And sold to the public as mean and keen

Hutler and Button - well, you know who I mean.

First about the sexed up document

Under Hutton, on the original testament

"Did you say? Did you know? Was it you or He?"

"Didn't hear" "Didn't know" "No, it wasn't me"

The ministry men were clear and free

The fault all lay with the BBC.


Well I knew and she knew and he knew and they knew

Joy knew and Roy knew and John knew and Joan knew

And Paul knew, we all knew

That one genuine honest chap

Found himself in a tightening trap,

Because he believed it was his duty to share

With the public, what he knew, that led him to dare

to tell the press his secret - his only course,

Knowing they wouldn't divulge their source.

The pressman spread what he had to tell,

That the ministry unleasged their hounds of hell

In a relentless hunt to force

The naming of the original source

Sniffing and searching with menacing speed

Until they found a tenuous lead,

And followed it up without mercy or shame,

Until, with complacement arrogance took that Name

And proceeded publicly to deprave

And harras the named to an early grave

The smoke screen diverted his brave testament

Regarding the sexed-up document.

So it remained with people asking "Why

Did that person tell? and did he lie?"

The general answer was "Didn't know" "Didn't know" "We'll never know"


But I knew, and she knew, and he knew, and they knew

Joy knew, and Roy knew, and John knew, and Joan knew,

And Paul knew, we all knew.

That the enquiry had been just balderdash,

A cover up, a big whitewash.

So they had to come up with another enquiry,

Ministry men meach looking up theirdiary

Concerning the sexed-up document

From the original testament.

so this time round it was Butler's turn

He is definitely the one who'll learn

Who's taken out bits and added bits

And fiddle with the nitty grits

On the original statement from the spies,

Which had been embroidered and changed to downright lies.

Yes Button's the one who'll nail them all

Name them and bring them back for recall.

He's the one who'd openly dare

To point a long cold finger even at Blair/

"Did you know?" "Did you say?" "Did you see?"

It was "Didn't know" "Didn't know" "Wasn't me"

"Well, I don't think I knew" "Don't think I did" "Don't think it was me?"

So there it was open, honest, all above board.

And everyone got their just reward.

Nobody resigned, nobody shamed,

The hard man Butler quietly tamed.

Still people are heard, quite mystified

Saying "Do you think they might have lied?"

"I voted for war because I believed in Blair

About the 45 minute scare"


Well I know, and she knows, and he kneows, and they know,

Joy knows, and Roy knows, and John knows, and Joan knows,

And Paul knows, we all know.

They are liars and cheaters

And double tongued speakers

Who relentlessly plunged us into war,

If it wasn't for oil what the hell was it for?

And Blair remains glued to his seat,

his proven conspirators licking his feet.

While Gordon remains the only one

Who's achieved all the good things Labour has done

Gordon's good works remain unsung

And, to our fury, Blair remains unhung.