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July 2007

Four arrests at AWE as peace walk passes through

On Friday 27 July, the Footprints for Peace walk arrived at AWE Aldermaston. The walkers began their 86-day journey in Dublin on 12 May and will arrive in London on 6 August - Hiroshima Day.

AWPC joins solidarity call for Russian anti-nuke activists

Statement of solidarity by UK-based anti-nuclear groups and individuals

On 21 July, neo-nazis attacked an anti-nuclear protest camp at Angarsk, Siberia, Russia.

North pond area flooded

Our Roving Reporter was in the neighbourhood over last weekend during the serious flooding across Berkshire. This photo was taken of the North Ponds area on the Saturday morning.

Safety warning at nuclear bomb plant

THE UK's nuclear bomb factory has been struggling to remedy as many as 1000 safety defects uncovered by the government's official watchdog.