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Thousands say "knickers to the byelaws"

linking arms at falcongate

Between three and five thousand people [*] came to Aldermaston on Easter Monday to celebrate CND's 50th anniversary and say "the bomb stops here".

With huge crowds at every gate, shortly after two o clock AWE Aldermaston was - almost completely - encircled and the fence surrounded in the biggest protest at AWE since the 1960s.

AWPC made a happy return to Falcongate where we were joined by WILPF and Women in Black and Raised Voices, as well as many women who'd been to camp over the years and loads of other visitors. A special thanks to those who brought their underwear to decorate the fence, to join AWPC in saying "knickers to the bylaws".

Thanks to everyone who came - and we hope to see you again soon.For photos, see

[*] figure based on published averages