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Georgina Smith and Sylvia Boyes in prison

Sylvia was sentenced to 14 days in New Hall Prison this week  for refusing to pay £700 in fines arising from a series of protests against Trident in and around Faslane Naval Base in Scotland
during the summer of 2009.  Sylvia’s actions included painting a rock with the words Scots! Say No to Trident, blockading the Coulport nuclear weapons storage facility, and walking in the main gate of Faslane, the homeport of Trident, the UK’s nuclear weapons system. For these actions she was charged with Malicious Mishchief, Breach of the Peace and Aggravated Trespass. 

Georgina was jailed a week ago for 45 days for refusal to pay a £3000 compensation order for her part in painting  “Genocide” “NO More War Crimes” No Upgrade”, “Respect the War Dead” “Art, Law, Morality” "NO SOCPA" "Sec 28" and "No Cluster Bombs" in black paint on the sandstone walls of Edinburgh's High Court on Remembrance Day 2006. The action was a protest against the High Court’s complicity in the illegal deployment of the genocidal nuclear weapon system by ruling it legal in the Lord Advocates Reference of 2000.  In addition their action condemned the Scottish legal system for holding people who blockaded during Faslane365 for up to thirty hours before releasing them without charge.   

Georgina and Helen John have already served time in Cornton Vale Prison for the action but had refused to pay the compensation order.

Please send your support to both of these amazing, lovely women - both of whom have been frequent visitors/supporters of campaigns at Aldermaston and at many other nuclear weapons sites around the UK.

Remember, screws read mail - so nothing personal or incriminating!

Sylvia Boyes
HMP YOI New Hall
Dial Wood
West Yorkshire>WF4 4XX

Georgina Smith  (Prisoner No. 106167
HMP Cornton Vale
Cornton Rd
Stirling SK9 5NU