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Chris Cole at Aldermaston, February 2010On 19 January Christian activist Chris Cole was given a 30-day sentence for non-payment of fines relating to protest at the DSEI arms fair in 2009.

Chris has a long-standing involvement with the anti-nuclear movement and has been taking action at Aldermaston over many years.

Earlier this month Chris was in Nebwury magistrates for a plea hearing following an action at Aldermaston last September. He is charged with criminal damage and aggravated trespass (see after a doorway was cut in the fence and a sign reading "Open for disarmament - All welcome" was attached next to it.

Writing on his blog, the day before he was sentenced for the DSEi action, Chris commented "Nonviolent direct action is about trying to make visible the choices that we are making - or that are being made on our behalf - and articulating the fact that there is an alternative. [...] The powers that be tell us that there is no choice with regard to peace and security in our world.  The only realistic way to achieve peace and security,  they say, is through the gun, the drone and the nuclear deterrent [...]  But of course, that is nonsense. As we have seen clearly over the past twenty years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan in the so-called war on terror, armed force does not bring peace to the world nor defend the widow and the orphan  - in fact, just the opposite. "


Letters of support should be sent to:


Chris Cole


HMP Wandsworth

Heathfield Road



Remember - letters can be read by screws. Do not include anything of a personal or incriminating nature that is not already in the public domain!


For more information about the Fig Tree initiative and to access Chris's blog, see