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AWE spreads its tentacles and Serco grovels

AWE plans to spread its tentacles into Scotland, taking over the warhead complex at RNAD Coulport in Scotland, putting almost all of the UK's warhead operation into the hands of private companies. The deal (also involving the company Babcock, which already runs part of Faslane naval base and has interests in both AWE and building the successor submarines), was revealed in the Aldermaston Parish Council newsletter. See Rob Edwards' story at

Not content with crossing the border into Scotland, AWE also features in the Anglo-French military cooperation agreement, to be signed today, which will involve the two nuclear states in a shared warehead maintainance programme.

Meanwhile, SERCO, the only UK company in the AWE consortium - along with US companies Lockheed Martin and Jacobs Engineering - was forced to withdraw their proposal to pass on the impact of government cuts to their suppliers, who they had asked to provide a 2.5 per cent rebate