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Green Party Women visit Aldermaston and Burghfield

Women from the Green Party came to camp in January and did a fair job of standing with banners at the main gate in the rain, sitting around the camp fire in the rain and talking about nuclear weapons and what happens at AWE (in the rain). No wonder their write up of the day describes us as 'hardy' and 'stalwarts'! To be fair, it was below freezing overnight and it was quite a chilly day. The Green Party women were very sensibly attired and we all had a good dose of cakes and chocolate.

Something political and sensible is probably warranted here, but I think the main thing is that it's so important for politicians and individuals to come to Aldermaston and see it first hand and to talk to campaigners on the ground (not literally - it's quite muddy). We don't bite and are very hospitable and welcoming, and that is one reason why we camp here regularly, in order to create that space for sharing information and ideas so we very much enjoyed the visit and the interested questions and discussion.