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Peace camp

Aldermaston Women's Peace Camp is held on the second weekend of every month. Visit the events section for dates of forthcoming camps.

All women are welcome to come along at any time - and male visitors are welcome at camp during the day, but not during the evening or at night.

fire in the dark

What happens at camp?

Camp is really what we choose to make it: as well as a monthly meeting to plan and develop our activities and campaigns, there are a range of activities depending on what we have planned or feel like doing.

There might be a workshop on a specific subject - from fence-climbing to video techniques. You could get involved in doing a stall in a local town, or in making banners, or in some type of non-violent direct action. Or you could take a long walk around the base or just sit around the fire talking.

We encourage women to join in with non-violent direct action, but it is by no means compulsory and... you do not have to get arrested!

What do I need to bring?

You'll need a tent, a sleeping bag and a sleeping mat (if you don't have these, please let us know as we have spares) and in winter, bring a hot-water bottle!

If you can, please bring food to share (vegan or vegetarian), or some cash to donate towards food during the weekend.

To find out more, please click the visit camp link for a map of the camp's location and how to get there.

There's also a two page leaflet to download (pdf format) which you may find useful to prepare for a first visit.


women sitting around the fire and talkingAldermaston Women's Peace Camp is held on the second weekend of every month. We arrive at camp on Saturday morning or sometimes on Friday evening (please ring to check we are there if you plan to come Friday evening). We stay until Sunday lunch-time.

camp blogs

These are the comments, musings and reflections of individual camp women. This is a space where we can express our personal feelings and concerns. The writings do not necessarily reflect camp as a whole.

Questions for the police

We had several visits from friendly MDP - but all on the same basis of asking questions.