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Thanks for your support

Thanks to everyone who has written letters to planning committees, visited us at camp, vigilled, demonstrated and blockaded at Aldermaston in 2010.

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Many thanks to all of you who objected to the application for Hydrus.

[aldermaston_sting] Hydrus: closing date for objections 28 September

Don't forget to object, see details in the previous STiNG alert email or at
love AWPC

Object to the proposed Hydrodynamic Facility at AWE Aldermaston

As the debate between the Ministry of Defence and the Treasury continues, and Nick Clegg sticks his head above the parapet to say: "Trident replacement makes welfare cuts harder to justify”,

AWE submit application for new Hydrodynamics Facility

Aldermaston has just submitted another planning application to the West Berkshire Council. this time it's for a new hydrodynamics facility, called Hydrus.

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