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Protestors gagged at AWE planning decision

 "I went to the planning meeting last night to join the boycott; 'twas just as well to show 'twas a boycott, as it was noted for the minutes that 'there were no objections received from local groups", writes Alison.


"We sat gagged  - with our own black gags - filling nearly three rows of the hall. One objector was allowed to speak, then he walked out, leaving 'three bags full' of shredded letters of objection. Having been asked to remain seated for questions, he was criticised (to be noted in the minutes) by the Council for showing 'disrespect' to the Council and 'against the law of the land'. Someone's mobile went off and the Chair shouted that we would ALL be evicted if there was any more noise! After the planning permission was granted- unanimously- we all turned our backs on the Council for several minutes and then filed out of the hall silently before the end of the meeting. It was made clear that Treaties etc were irrelevant to the Council, and planning policy was the only guideline, particularly the visual aspects of planning applications; as usual, the main priority, both winter and summer views. There was a vote on whether an internal visual inspection should have taken place after a squabble but there was a strong recommendation from an adviser, which was followed in the vote, that views, such as from the upstairs windows of the Grade 2 listed Aldermaston Court, were shown by photographs and other evidence presented to be visually unimpaired ..."


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