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Planning application for Teutates Technology Development Centre

The West Berkshire Planning Commitee will consider a planning application from the Ministry of Defence for the construction of a Technology Development Centre at AWE Aldermaston. The planning meeting will be in late Janaury or early February, but is yet to be confirmed. The centre is part of the new joint Anglo-French 'Teutates' hydrodynamics research programme, announced by the government in 2011.

A number of local campaigners have come together under the name 'No to AWE development' to take action on this development, and will be taking to the road to alert local people to the planning application and invite people to sign letters of opposition.


For more about the campaign, go to


The Technology Development Centre will develop radiographic instrumentation for monitoring and analysing the results of warhead research experiments which will be conducted at the new 'Epure' joint facility at Valduc in France. The Aldermaston and Valduc facilities are both scheduled to commence operation in 2015.


As previous objections to MoD plans have been ignored, local campaigners are not encouraging objections. However, your presence at the Planning Commitee will be welcome, and we will send details as soon as it is announced.