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Save money: Scrap Trident

The LibCons are currently carrying out a "value for money" exercise on plans for Trident replacement.

How will they work this out? Do they divide the number of people you could kill and maim in nuclear attack, factoring in the eco-systems they could destroy and the genetic damage to the future population, then divide it by the number of international laws they could break, and multiply it by a seat on the Security Council - and come up with the answer?

Write to Liam Fox, Minister of Defence, Whitehall, London and tell him the only value for money we will ever see is when they scrap the Trident replacement programme. Tell him it's ludicrous that Trident is not going to be included in the Strategic Defence Review.

Send emails via

Send letters to MOD Ministerial Correspondence Unit, 5th Floor, Zone A, Main Building, Whitehall, London, SW1A 2HB

 If you think it will help, write to your MP.

We've just had a budget which will cut public services and benefits: people are angry. If you're at any events, meetings or just out in the street, tell your friends, neighbours, total strangers, to make sure the government knows that the majority of us don't want Trident.