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MoD submit planning application for Enriched Uranium Facility

The Minstry of Defence on 27 November 2009 submitted a planning application for an Enriched Uranium Facility at AWE Aldermaston. The facility called "Pegasus" is the latest in a series of applications for facilities and other buildings which will enable AWE Aldermaston and Burghfield to build another generation of nuclear warheads.

Enriched uranium is used to make components of a nuclear warhead. The proposed facility, if it goes ahead, would be be used to store, cast, machine and recycle enriched uranium (from the MoD's existing stockpile). The MoD propose that this building will replace the current Enriched Uranium Facility - the A45 building at Aldermaston, which will operate up until 2016.

If the government doesn't replace Trident, it won't need to build Pegasus. The current generation of Trident warheads could be decommissioned, over the next six years, using the A45.

Like the A45, Pegasus will generate solid, liquid and gaseous radioactive waste; the solid intermediate level waste generated will have to be stored on site until the government works out what to do with both the old waste from the A45 and the new waste created by Pegasus.

The planning application can be seen at

Planning Application: 09/02396/COMIND
Received: 27 November, 2009

Application for replacement facility for the storage and handling of enriched
uranium covering 18,489 sq m gross floor space on a 10, 496 sq m
footprint, including office accommodation , storage facilities,
material handling areas and ancillary support services. Construction
related infrastructure is all proposed including access roads,
construction compound, fencing, gates and ancillary facilities.

As of today's date, no further details - including "associated documents" or the end date for public consultation - have been published. When this information is available, AWPC will post further details, including suggestions of reasons to be object to the Enriched Uranium Facility. 
Stop Pegasus - Stop the next generation of nuclear warheads.