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STiNG alert: October 2009

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Write to your MP for a freeze on Trident replacement

To accompany their September report ("In the Firing Line") on the costs of Trident replacement, Greenpeace is running a campaign asking people to write to their MPs calling  for a halt to all further investment in Trident replacement (as well as the supercarrier project), and include both in a comprehensive defence and foreign policy review.
Please support the campaign, go to:
Take Action now

"In the Firing Line: an Investigation into the Hidden cost of the Supercarrier Project and Replacing Trident" includes a section on Aldermaston, which provides evidence to show that that the government's estimated costs for Trident replacement do not include the costs of the programme of major building developments at AWE Aldermaston and Burghfield, which will equip the site for the production of new warheads, which Greenpeace estimates may be up anything up to £7.5 billion.

For press release, a summary of the report and a DVD on the report:
For the full report, (and also a summary):