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Make your voice heard - now is the time to lobby your MP over forthcoming Trident vote

In less than two months, the UK parliament will vote on the government's December White Paper, proposing a replacement of the Trident nuclear weapons system.
According to various polls, a majority of the British population are against the replacement of Trident...but they are not making their voices heard.
The promised "public debate" will never happen, so you have about six weeks to do what you can to make your voice heard

Please VOTE on the No.10 website at
[Deadline:17 February, only 9,260 signatures so far]

Please send this to message to 10 friends and sign up yourself NOW

And if you have more time:


and suggest that she or he should vote against the goverment's White Paper proposing the next generation of Trident. [Deadline - they will probably vote in the week beginning 12 March]. And .. ask them to endorse EDM 579 (see on Trident.

If you want other ideas for how to approach your MP and what to focus on, CND have produced a lobbying pack. Download from

Make it easy, go to

A list of MPs it's particularly worth paying attention to should be posted here soon - so bookmark this page for the next month!