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Stop the Next Generation of Nuclear Weapons (STiNG)

The Stop the Next Generation (STiNG) campaign was set up by AWPC to oppose the government's plans to equip Aldermaston to test, design and build the next generation of nuclear warheads at Aldermaston. Since 2002, when AWE published their Site Development Strategy Plan which set out their plans to develop Aldermaston and Burghfield, AWPC has campaigned against the new developments, working in cooperation with a wide range of other anti-nuclear individuals, local groups and national organisations.

Our aim is to stop the next generation of nuclear warheads for the next Trident from being built at Aldermaston, and we need your help.

In 2002, AWE Aldermaston and Burghfield embarked on a massive building programme which will equip the UK government to design, test and build a new generation of nuclear warheads. The developments are on the same scale as Heathrow's Terminal 5. They started long before parliament voted in March 2007 to replace Trident submarines. They have not yet voted to replace the warheads.
The STNG campaign aims to stop new warheads being built at AWE using a range of tactics, in coperation with others to: objecting to the new developments through the local authority planning process; blocking construction traffic; writing to MPs; and most importantly, informing people - locally, nationally and internationally - about what's going on at Aldermaston, so that together we can Stop the Next Generation of Nuclear Weapons.
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STiNG Alerts

Protestors gagged at AWE planning decision

 "I went to the planning meeting last night to join the boycott; 'twas just as well to show 'twas a boycott, as it was noted for the minutes that 'there were no objections received from local group

Object to new AWE developments - planning meeting Weds 8 February

Come and join local objectors. The latest AWE planning application will be considered by West Berkshire Council on Wednesday 8 February at Calcot.

Planning application for Teutates Technology Development Centre

The West Berkshire Planning Commitee will consider a planning application from the Ministry of Defence for the construction of a Technology Development Centre at AWE Aldermaston.

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[aldermaston_sting] Nuclear Abolition Day: Global Day of Action, 25 July

25 June is Nuclear Abolition Day - a Global Day of

Support the call by ICAN for a Nuclear Weapons
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