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Aldermaston Women attend Serco AGM

Some of us went to the Serco AGM yesterday at Canary Wharf. Serco are 1/3 of the management company that runs AWE. Apparently there's some kind of injunction against protest at Canary Wharf. Maybe that's why there was an absurd amount of policing and security guards with dogs. Ok they were laboradors, but still. The security guards were waffling on about this injunction and how it was private property and didn't seem to get the idea that there was nothing bad going to happen when people express an opinion. As is increasingly the case we had company outside the venue, because so many people are unhappy with Serco, so there were people there from the NHS, a group called We Own It who campaign on privatisation and also representatives from the probation workers union Napo.

Here is a link to our video of the morning's work: