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composite actionOur monthly peace camp is a visible witness to Aldermaston's preparations for nuclear war and a consistent site of opposition to nuclear weapons, and all forms of war. In order to maintain the camp, we have had to campaign for our freedom to protest. AWPC has always campaigned against Britain's nuclear weapons, in a variety of different ways. Since 2002 our primary focus has been to stop the facilities for the next generation of nuclear weapons being built at Aldermaston and Burghfield. We also run a SERCO shareholders campaign. We work with other campaigning organizations and direct action groups towards ending nuclear weapons production at Aldermaston, and the decomissioning of the UK's current nuclear weapons system.


freedom to protest

As well as campaigning directly against Britain's nuclear weapons programme, over the past 24 years, we have maintained our right to protest in the proud tradition of women's protest and resistance. There have been repeated attempts over the years to get rid of the camp by the Ministry of Defence and the companies which run Aldermaston. In 2009 we finally won the right to camp on Ministry of Defence land outside the fence at Aldermaston.

Police encounters briefing

This is a short guide for women who want to know more about police powers.



Serco is one of the three companies that make up AWE-ML - the joint venture company with the contract to run AWE Aldermaston and Burghfield until 2025.

Serco are a UK FTSE-100 company with diverse contracts which include managing detention centres, prisons, hospitals, schools and public transport. Typically almost 30% of their turnover comes from the "defence" sector worldwide.

Because Serco are floated on the London stock exchange it is possible for AWPC - and others - to hold shares in the company. Shareholders are entitled to attend the company's AGM, ask annoying questions and arrive on their doorstep requesting an inspection of the accounts.

Here you can find all stories relating to AWPC's Serco shareholder campaign.

Aldermaston Women's Peace Camp letter to Guardian on day of Serco AGM

Aldermaston Women have a letter published in the Guardian today on the day of the Serco AGM. Serco are one of the three companies who manage AWE (alongside Lockheed Martin and Jacobs Engineering).

Campaign images

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