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In 1985 the peace camp at nearby Greenham Common was in full swing. Resistance to the US Cruise missiles based there was massive and international, however, just a few miles down the road, Britain was busy building Trident nuclear warheads. In 1981 the then prime minister Margaret Thatcher had announced the decision to replace the Polaris/Chevaline system with another submarine ICBM system - very similar to the US Trident system. The four nuclear-powered submarines were to be built at Vickers (VSEL) in Barrow, the missile bodies would be leased from Lockheed Martin and the warheads would be built (and subsequently maintained) at AWE Aldermaston. While Aldermaston had been the focus for massive marches against Britian's nuclear programme from the late 1950s onwards, by the mid-80s it was no longer receiving so much attention, even though Britain was busy engaging in nuclear proliferation from the site. So, a small group of women from Greenham decided to set up a regular monthly camp at Falcongate on the south side of the base. For almost 25 years, the camp has remained a regular monthly feature, despite regular attempts by the Ministry of Defence to evict or remove us. We stayed at Falcongate until 2000, and since then have camped at various sites around the perimeter fence. In February 2009 we won the right to camp on MoD land .