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Camp blogs

These are the comments, musings and reflections of individual camp women. This is a space where we can express our personal feelings and concerns. The writings do not necessarily reflect camp as a whole.

Make your minds up!

Looking forward to camp!

September camp: USA Aldermaston

I drove up to a very colourful display of banners on the fence, peace flags flying in the breeze, and a new banner declaring 'USA Aldermaston'.

Updated leaflet on the next generation of nuclear weapons

July update available on the campaigns/nextgeneration webpage: scroll down for link.This is a leaflet full of information and campaign ideas.

had our day in court

well, after catching the plods unaware during the last block the builders blockade, five of us from camp managed a lock on at home office gate while other camp women blockaded the road

in anticipation

Wildlife in June

camping in the sunshine: june 10/11th

Come and join/visit us at camp this weekend: we really appreciate people coming by and supporting/chatting/bringing cake/asking for information/ telling us what's going on in your own

Eggs is not best

They're so ungrateful...