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Camp blogs

These are the comments, musings and reflections of individual camp women. This is a space where we can express our personal feelings and concerns. The writings do not necessarily reflect camp as a whole.

Some offside comments

The world cup was not the only place people gathered to kick a ball around on a patch of grass this weekend.

Doing my bit

"£97 billion on new nuclear weapons. Now that's an expenses scandal!"



Stop and account

...and the photograph they did not want you to see.

MDP north gate 0310

Well done us!

Did you see the coverage of the 15 February women's gate blockade?

Brrr.... it's freezing!


camp in snow feb09

A day at Newbury Magistrates Court: 26.11.09

Obstruction of the Highway?

AWPC interim operating and pudding results for September 2009

Our core business is helping clients to appreciate, experience, taste and enable their desert programmes to resolve problems in an after dinner environment notable for incredible zero health growth.

Obstructive, moi?

Following the "surprise" blockade in June two camp women are going to trial for wilful of obstruction of the highway on 26 November (listed for Reading, but could well end up being Newbury).

August 8 & 9, an especially nice camp

Going to camp is usually a nice way to spend the weekend, but August camp was especially nice.

Third Cocktail Party of the Century

It all begain inauspiciously; two women on bail for a blockade in June - banned from every road around Aldermaston - where to have our party? Back to Burghfield?