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Camp blogs

These are the comments, musings and reflections of individual camp women. This is a space where we can express our personal feelings and concerns. The writings do not necessarily reflect camp as a whole.

August: gourmet camp


Whhhiirrrlllwind weekend at camp

Wow, we have visitors already ... I said to myself when I arrived at camp on Friday afternoon.


Celebrating a woman-only space: July camp


AWE Burghfield update by Roving Reporter


AWE Burghfield - update

Roving Reporter


Stirling work was done by 3 women yesterday in stripping the new caravan and converting it to a proper (labelled!) store for camp stuff.

Acorn camp


Nuclear Weapons - can't we say it?

Listening to ex-General Dannatt on "Telegraph TV", which I venture is a non-TV web video masquerading as a news channel on the Telegraph's news site,


Suspend work at AWE

Work should be suspended at AWE until the cause of the recent fire has been determined otherwise lives will be put at risk.

We Are AWE - I got all my shareholders with me

We are A – W - E
I got all my shareholders with me
We are A – W - E
Get up ev'rybody and sing

Ev'ryone can see we're dependent
On the U–S-A

June 2010 – bird mask camp

We had fun turning paper plates into masks, and when the police arrived on Saturday earl