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Camp blogs

These are the comments, musings and reflections of individual camp women. This is a space where we can express our personal feelings and concerns. The writings do not necessarily reflect camp as a whole.

Race around the base

Two challengers for the AWPC Harriers championship ran around the perimeter of AWE Aldermaston in October, one clockwise and the other anti-clockwise completing the 4.69 miles in just over an hour.

September camp

A lovely Camp was had by all and we did a roundabout camp on Saturday
afternoon. Then on Sunday am a AWE tanoy message re problems in Building
24. Repeated but mainly undeciferable. Unusual.

Long Camp visits AWE Burghfield


Grassy camp

Grassy camp

April boots


Spring camp

There were no northern lights visible from Dingly Dell but a huge moon appeared from behind the A90.

January action

Our 'Return to Sender' action went off well: once we had figured out how to inflate the Trident without blowing all the car fuses.

"Trident: Return to Sender"

Return to sender, Return to sender

You made warheads for the government

to put on subs in Faslane

But then the people protested --

Take Trident back again


December: eating camp

It wasn't really THAT cold - but somehow we ate a lot to keep out the cold anyway!

Rainbow camp