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Now bombers again prepare to attack.

Tanks and armies ready to go into Iraq.

We are anti-war, we marched on campaign,

And we know all about Saddam Hussein.

We do not say that we should just stand by

There are otherways we refuse to try

Their power! their resources! and billions to spend!

Could all be used to a means as an end.

If the richest and powerful countries agreed

To attend to the Iraqi people's need

By rebuilding what was last time destroyed,

Easing the ills caused by sanctions deployed,

Helping Iraqi people back on their feet

So they may find their own ways to defeat

A ruler themselves they did not choose.

Wahy not try it? there's nothing to lose.

Don't tell me it couldn't be done

Except down the barrel of a gun.

They'll say "But Hussein would never be caught"

Well who's to say he could never be bought?

"But that would be corrupt!" they'll shriek in reply

My answer would be "Well! My oh my!

Who bought Saddam in the first place?

Gave him cash and weapons and, to further disgrace,

While Iraqis lobbied the West with their pleas

'Don't support this tyrant bringing us to our knees

Not one of you listened to their request

And Saddam remained with support from the West"

So don't take the high ground with us Bush and Blair

Your cynicism is beyond compare.

Stirring up the Middle East, bringing it all to the boil.

And we know. We know it's all about oil.

When you've done your worst and the world won't know

How to cope with the horrors that continue to grow,

Refugees by the million, famine, diseases blown

By the wind, as we reap what you have sown,

some will wring their habds and wail in despiar

"When we supported 'Gung ho' we weren't aware"

Through gritted teeth we campaigners snarl "NO!

We told you so! We told you so!"


Hazel Rennie, 2003.