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January action

Our 'Return to Sender' action went off well: once we had figured out how to inflate the Trident without blowing all the car fuses.

December: eating camp

It wasn't really THAT cold - but somehow we ate a lot to keep out the cold anyway!

August: gourmet camp


Celebrating a woman-only space: July camp


Acorn camp


June 2010 – bird mask camp

We had fun turning paper plates into masks, and when the police arrived on Saturday earl

A day at Newbury Magistrates Court: 26.11.09

Obstruction of the Highway?

sunny days, convoy night

June 'camp': by-laws and cocktails

February camp

September camp: USA Aldermaston

I drove up to a very colourful display of banners on the fence, peace flags flying in the breeze, and a new banner declaring 'USA Aldermaston'.

Updated leaflet on the next generation of nuclear weapons

July update available on the campaigns/nextgeneration webpage: scroll down for link.This is a leaflet full of information and campaign ideas.

camping in the sunshine: june 10/11th

Come and join/visit us at camp this weekend: we really appreciate people coming by and supporting/chatting/bringing cake/asking for information/ telling us what's going on in your own