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Stop and account

...and the photograph they did not want you to see.

MDP north gate 0310

March camp, and there are snowdrops clustering on the banks around camp. We wake up Sunday to an intense blue sky and take a walk to see how they're getting on with the building works around the back.

The MDP come to see us in their armour-plated carrier (the ones that go with the convoy, which they use for serious security situations like four women going for a walk). Eventually an MDP officer in full battle-dress manages to haul himself out of the vehicle. You cant take photos here, he shouts. And then, running up the fence some more normal looking MDPs. You can't take photos here, they say. Give me your camera. We decline; we walk, they follow; they check the byelaws. No offence.

If you are stopped by the MDP, you do not have to give them your details.

You don't have to give them your camera.

Always ask for a stop and account form.stop and acoount form