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Third Cocktail Party of the Century

It all begain inauspiciously; two women on bail for a blockade in June - banned from every road around Aldermaston - where to have our party? Back to Burghfield? Couldn't return to the lovely verge, where we'd had our 2007 party (10 of us on bail that time); the police and neighbours were insistent we'd block the traffic's view and cause a pile-up, and with the convoy in at Burghfield, the MoD certainly didn't want us at the front gate, or round the back -up the lovely tree from where we can see all the convoy's preparations.

What could we do? Some super slick negotiations by our super duper unoffical police liaison woman, and there we were, camped in a clearing opposite the Civil Service Club car park, with small children, dogs and women revelling in the space to play.

As the rain started, more tents and shelters went up; women arrived with mega-amounts of food and cocktails began early (it had been a bit of a stressfulday). London Women in Black somehow managed to find us; the police helpfully brought us the weather forecast (though we had worked out by that time that it was raining); and several women had so much fun that they didn't quite make it to the second outfit-change.

The highlight was the presentation of the "shameless hussy" award to Jean and Hazel, in recognition of their many years of challenging the military industrial complex, comitting interesting crimes, making the best crumble ever and inspiring us with poetry. They were the glittering grannies, and they sparkled in the light of the campfire.