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Whhhiirrrlllwind weekend at camp

Wow, we have visitors already ... I said to myself when I arrived at camp on Friday afternoon.


We'd made a plan that intended the long weekend women's action camp to start Friday afternoon and run through to Monday morning ... but the only certain thing about camp ever is that nothing is certain. Plan A, B, C and D ... sometimes all juggled and mixed together to make a Plan Z!

The weather Friday gave us a little nudge and hee-haw. It had rained hard and non-stop Thursday morning to Friday .... and though it threatened on Friday and at times made good on its threat .... we were only a bit damp.

Getting tents up and down, and kit and gear together to cook and ... Friday was a general set up day, with some women finding time to do their own thing, like walk around the base, draw, read, knit, whatever ... For supper we had some lovely chickpea stew and yumm-oh aubergene-dish with stewed smokey tomatoes.


Saturday was stimulating and busy, with workshops, informal chats, quick runs to and from the railway station as yet more women arrived ... ... the singing workshop was something a bit outside of my box for me ... I enjoyed doing something that's not really my cup of tea. Sunday, again more of the same really. Stimulating, busy ... more women came, some left ... and finally Monday it all wrapped up.

phew! It was a good weekend, I enjoyed it, it was busy. It was a whirlwind, I'm used to a bit slower pace at camp I guess. But it was special. I connected a lot with women who don't normally come to camp, and that was great because I learned about a lot things that interested me but ordinarily never would have come my way. The Dale Farm expulsion sitation being one such example, and something very important to support if you can.


And hurrah !! for women-only spaces. Hurrah (n fact) for any self-defined sacred (or special) space where people meet to create an autonomous, alternative way of being in the world where love and justice is the mainstream, a healtheir option than the dominant capitalist patriarchical offering. We need to think outside the box more often and this weekend was an amazing invitation to all women to do that. And every month in fact offers us that same invitation. How cool is that? See you at camp! Next one is 13 August, we'll be talking about our Faslane-AWE link plan.