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August 8 & 9, an especially nice camp

Going to camp is usually a nice way to spend the weekend, but August camp was especially nice.

First of all there was the spectacular Summer-like weather that hasn't been seen since the last week of June. We had blue skies, high temps, Bluebell Wood was bathed in sunshine. Perfect camping weather.

And lots and lots of visitors, including a dog called 'Destiny'. Saturday's visitors were part of a multi-faith (and no faith) pilgrimage walking from Reading to Aldermaston to call for nuclear disarmament. The walk commemorated the 1945 nuclear attacks on Hiroshima (6 August) and Nagasaki (9 August). The group had left Reading at 9am and at about 4.30 some 40 of them came trailing into camp, tired but satisfied with the feat. A support team for the walkers handed out tea, sandwiches and cake to those not too wiped out to eat.

Tangentially just before the walkers arrived at camp, right before our eyes, there was a car accident. Two cars zoomed by as if racing or chasing each other. The first one successfully navigated the Home Office Gate roundabout, and the second car skidded and smashed into a bulwark. 'Hahahahah' laughed the drivers and passengers. Back slaps all around. Eventually the cops appeared to do what cops do at accidents. This activity took about two hours and blocked the gate where the pilgrimage had hoped to hold their commemorative service. Instead they held it in a corner of our camp, which made the event less visible, but serene, moving and nice nonetheless.

Walkers and supporters packed up and gone. The cops and race car drivers too. We happy campers and dogs settled round the fire for well deserved drinkies and an evening meal of pad (yum!) thai.

The night slipped on and just as my thoughts were turning towards hitting the sack .... out of the darkness arrived more camp women and children! So up we sat up a bit longer catching up, eating, drinking, putting up tents, moving sleeping children ... 

And then, all very soon Sunday morning was upon us. And oh what a glorious morning. The sun was back, the birds chirped, the 1st shift of workers filed into the base ... a girl camper treated us to a wonderful open air cello performance. And more visitors. This time a couple of curious friendly passerbyers who wanted to know more about the camp(aign) and Mr Shirt from the parish council.

As I said, a special weekend. And then we all went home. But we'll be back, next month 2nd weekend in September. Hope to see you there.