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DD: the return!

A controlled fireSeptember camp was interesting to say the least. First - and indeed for the first time this summer - the weather: it was seasonally correct. It behaved exactly like typical early September days; sunny, dry and warm-ish. Hurrah!

Warm, sunnny days do make a difference to our spirits (and unlike arranging for bits of our camp to be chopped off by highways, there's nothing the MoD can really do about the weather .. though I understand the US military have been attempting to tweak the weather for several decades ... without success it seems). Anyway, I digress...

The highlight was our return to Dingly Dell (camp next to Construction Gate). As the magic roundabout was busy being sawn off as part of AWE's traffic plan, we decided to move back to our old haunt. After having ignored the camp for months, our return to DD provoked several visits by officers from the Ministry of Defence police. As the evening drew on, a fire miraculously appeared in the midst of the circle. As did more women and warming spirits. The fire goddess is indeed with us.

Curiously the MDP's only query in relation to the fire was whether there was a fire blanket. Amazingly there was and it was brandished with a certain glee. Seemingly satisfied that no byelaws were being broken, the officers then engaged in a lengthy philosophical debate, taking in a wide range of topics - from what it is possible to put in a smoothie to the legality or otherwise of nuclear weapons. The camp - note: yes, we camped -  was quiet overnight.

To rewind a little: in June 2007, ten women and a dog were arrested for being in the proximity of a fire in exactly the same location. After a few months the charges were dropped. The byelaws are currently subject to judical review. (See <a href="/news">news</a> section for background on the fantastic byelaws saga.)

The outlook for October camp is great (lie). So do come along and join us for more carry on camping... all women welcome :)