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Brrr.... it's freezing!


camp in snow feb09

In 25 years I think this may be the first time ever that camp has been cancelled due to the weather (any corections?). Last year we managed several snowy and icy camps - in fact we partied all night long in February after we won the byelaws case, despite several inches of snow (kept our drinks chilled well mind).


Somehow this seems more protracted and a harder iciness than before. All week I watched cars, bicycles and pedestrians struggling around London and it really isn't so bad here compared to the home counties or further north. Some houses in the areas surrounding Aldermaston have been without power and roads treacherous. Presumably the nuclear warhead convoy is safely tucked up in bed at AWE.


While I like the idea of getting the MDP to take us drag-skiing around the base, or a monster bobsleigh run down Paices Hill, somehow I don't think the idea of the predicted windchill factor of minus 10 would be much fun when it gets dark at 4pm. Call me defeatist but, despite the fire, the nights are long and frostbite or hypothermia are real considerations when camping in sub zero temperatures.


Well, presumably there will be a thaw between now and February camp. See you then.


Keep warm!


ps at 7pm: Latest from the Benson weather station (12 miles outside Reading)  is that it is -9C already and falling, with fog/white cloud and poor visibility. Yikes! Glad I am not in a tent tonight.