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had our day in court

well, after catching the plods unaware during the last block the builders blockade, five of us from camp managed a lock on at home office gate while other camp women blockaded the road with instruments and banners just below the roundabout. the lock-on was pretty short-lived (maybe 30-40mins) as the rats have invested in new cutting gear which goes through mild steel like butter (once they can get you to hold still .. warning - it is not advisable to wriggle and move while you are being cut out of something.. as my sliced finger proves!). still, it was a good action (despite mosquitos, lack of sleep, brambles, etc) and it was good to do a women-only thing. the upshot of our blockading efforts was two charged and three cautions (lucky devils!). the two of us were in court last friday (21 july) for obstruction of the highway, where we made the tactical decision to enter guilty pleas. our bail conditions which were vague in the extreme - not to "protest" within 100m of the fence (no map, no definition of what "protest" means) - are of course no more (MDP take note). we got ?100 fine and ?43 costs. no intention of paying - so roll on holloway! another camp woman was in court for a seperate incident on the same day. she was arrested for breaching a s14 notice (not that any police officer gave her personally a printed or verbal notice, nor had the police displayed it publically - something which they have done in the past). not surprisingly she is going to fight it (next court appearance 15 September for a pre trial review at newbury). anyway, the weekend and the monday blockade were really good. loads of women came to the action camp and seemed to have a good time. music, football, sunny days, great food and drink, all helped oil the wheels! onwards!