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Blockading the Square

Everything and everyone worked together really smoothly and effectively. It was a great action, with a fantastic support team (and lots of random passer-by support too! so thanks to everyone who stopped by and offered us food/water/fags/encouragement, etc).

We were very lucky (relatively) with the police who, despite there being loads of them, seemed completely unprepared for what happened or how to deal with it. Plus they were from the East End (rather than something horrid like the evil DPG) and were pretty friendly.

The Met cutting team were also nice (though I guess that goes for most RATS since they never have to do the mean stuff like nick you, cuff you, pressure point you, etc), despite the fact that their knees were killing them by the time they got to the fourth thing to dismantle! Having said that, our arrest teams did handcuff us all - we have no idea why, as ACPO guidelines make it clear that danger of absconding or violence are the main reasons why cuff should be used, and it was very clear that neither was the case here (even the RATS said it was out of order).

Anyway, a great day all round. It made loads of papers, TV, radio etc, and I think we all walked away feeling pretty good. Court a week Tuesday .. oh well, add it the bill...

Onto the next thing then...