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TP blockade 10 April

Yesterday's blockade was ok - somewhere between 50-80 people showed up and two roads were blocked for about and hour and a half in total. Eleven people were arrested after locking on. photos via link below and also here:

posting a little info here about policing, may be of interest/use to others doing stuff at aldermaston in terms of what to expect:

although there were large numbers of police drawn from Thames Valley, Hampshire and the MDP OSU, two cutting teams on site, a mounted section and a pile of FIT, the cops remained their usual ineffective and inept selves (especially given that this was a publicly announced action). legal support team were, at one point, dragged by TVP down a verge belonging to the Ministry of Defence, after refusing to comply with a TVP officer's random direction (without any lawful grounds, or better explanation other than the equivalent of "becuase I say so"). Some vague attempts at pre-action roadside sweeps were noted earlier in the day.

small number of met and surrey police were also in attendance (quietly - info gathering presumably). intrerestingly, the MDP's own force intelligance lot were conspicuously absent on the ground.

the previous day a group of TVP officers had stationed themeselves in a private car park outside the meeting in Reading, to snap everyone, do DIPSIs on drivers (DPS1 forms - like the old HORT/1 for carrying out vehicle checks, but also includes other stop and search related info), and generally lurk in a fairly pathetic manner.

on the run-up to the action police had attempted to "liaise" (ie fish and contain) with people they decided were organisers. the police were unsuccessful in their efforts (perhaps if they investigated the crimes behind the fence, people *might* be a bit more sympathetic... maybe ... or maybe not - after all, the minute you put on a uniform and start obeying orders, by voluntarily parting with the power to make thoughtful and individual choices - in exchange for money - you become hard to respect as individual human beings). Oh well .. there could be a whole essay there :)

Anyway, local media coverage (BBC online and radio, Newbury Weekly, Reading Evening Post, etc) of the blockade was ok.