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Great British Summer

19 August 2008

August camp was wet and windy (again ... what happened to the summer then?) and necessitated tatting down part of camp for the night as we had visions of an airborne gazebo hurtling down the A340 otherwise. See what responsible campers we are?

Restaurant review
Good news in that we had excellent rice cakes, a good hot dinner, the best crumble from the crumble queen, and some liquid gifts from locals (cheers chaps!).

Tight arsed
A bunch of stakes and marks has appeared on the site, marking off most of the public bit of the verge. The AWE traffic plan includes changing the shape of the roundabout and, according to a source, the AWE boys wanted it "as tight as possible" to their boundary. No doubt trying to ensure that the space for protest - and camp in particular - is reduced yet further.

Bite the hand that feeds
Also, a rather overt listening device has appeared just inside the fence and right next to our camp (see pix). Supposedly it is a noise monitoring device (supplied by RPS). It looked a bit lonely, so we had fun chatting, singing, howling and playing Nine Inch Nails songs to it. Hopefully it is deemed far too noisy to have any more trucks on the road at the roundabout, and that the planned "express lane" - cutting through camp - is abandoned.

Upcoming releases
The MDP are still ignoring us. We have had the cold shoulder now for months. They don't love us any more. Tragic. Or maybe they are just camera shy (wait til you see the outtakes of the famous film - in which they have a starring role for ridiculous one liners, getting themselves wrapped up in banners, and pushing people into ditches ... coming to a screen near you soon... etc).