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February camp

February camp was blustery and the weather was distinctly adverse with heavy rain and gusts of wind that knocked a table over. The gazebo stayed in place however, and we all managed to keep dry and warm and to monitor how AWE's flood defences are holding up and plan upcoming activities such as at the Serco AGM.

We were spied on by a spooky figure inside the citadel who appeared to be observing us through night vision binoculars and had more police attention than usual, including from TVP. Possibly, this was because another group had organised an action on the Saturday which clashed with us. The police seem to lump all protesters together so it inevitably means we're in for extra harassment and spend the whole weekend being asked by clueless cops what our 'intentions' are. It's a shame the MDP can't read because then they'd know what was going on.