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Body bags heartily recommended

December camp was below freezing both nights but we had plenty of pies and cakes, beer and vodka. There was either some kind of national rail catastrophe on Friday, or a covert government plot to prevent campers from reaching Aldermaston because not only was every train in the west and south late, excuses included a train on fire at Westbury and a 'controlled evacuation' in Swindon. On Friday night a body bag left over from a die-in somewhere was put to use as some extra cold weather protection for sleeping out under the moon next to the fire but with rain threatening, most spent Saturday night in tents or vehicles. Some women went undercover in a supermarket restaurant to recharge a cordless drill while nonchalantly pretending to read the Mirror for over an hour (sloppy work because it would have been obvious that the Mirror doesn't take that long). As always, of course, a substantial amount of time was spent lurking in bushes, but this weekend also involved mixing concrete in bushes in the dark and rain using not entirely conventional equipment and resources.