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December: eating camp

It wasn't really THAT cold - but somehow we ate a lot to keep out the cold anyway! We sat round the fire on a carpet of acorns and watched a perfect pink 'mackeral' sky at sunset and a full moon as the evening went on. The banners announced our presence but otherwise we had a quiet time - just getting by at this dark time of year is sometimes enough to do. We did do some planning though - discussing a variety of seasonal themes for actions plus some longer-term ideas. Lots of them were good, many of them were very funny, and some just plain bonkers ... and that was before the mulled wine! So January camp will host a 'Return to Sender' action when we will return a 'gift' of a Trident submarine back to the base and demand economic and moral alternatives - such as hospitals, free education and disability benefits. Can we each make a New Year resolution to bring along one (or more) extra women that day? And if anyone reading this can contribute 'Return to Sender' as a musical part of the action that would be the icing on the cake ... do submarines have icing? As a 'day visitor' I felt pretty bad leaving a very small group of campers - thanks to them for seeing it through.