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August: gourmet camp


As Saturday progressed the camp table, and our stomachs, filled with goodies. Meringues and damson splodge vied with sticky vegan cake and apple crumble, making it difficult to fit in the fudge and juicy nectarines. Then there was the delightful return of old favourites such as 'coleslaw rolls' (yes- it was a treat to see Hazel herself too!) and the inevitable attraction of crisps and chocolate. To stimulate our appetites we discussed the planned trip to Scotland with enthusiasm and a good dollop of delinquency - and a dedicated few risked taking in a tea party at Greenham as well. Luckily the night was calm and mild, a full moon showing itself between the clouds and so we were in good shape on Sunday morning for breakfast. ... a shame about the evil base with its constant extractor moan and ominous police presence - it meant we couldn't pick the blackberries.