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Celebrating a woman-only space: July camp


Women just kept on coming! Tents extended all round the back of our 'Dingly Dell' space and the cooks doubled their ingredients and their teams of helpers. What a wonderful series of discussions we had - informally round the fire and in slightly more planned ways in circles of chairs on the grass. We discussed how we could link up campaigns against nuclear weapons - including a plan for a Aldermaston_Faslane peace camp exchange; and women shared other very moving experiences - such as volunteering in the area of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Anyone who would like to help design/produce a leaflet linking this with the threat posed by Aldermaston, please get in touch.


But we didn't only talk about nuclear issues - the strongest theme of the weekend for me was the interest in maintaining women-only spaces and actions and the roles that camps such as ours have in inspiring women to be strong and confident in doing things the ways women do. Women spoke of how they used such spaces to re-charge their batteries and find parts of themselves which can otherwise get hidden. One of the highlights of the weekend was the 'tripod workshop' which enables a real cross-section of ages and experience to put up and climb up a tripod, so much more stylish than lying down with arms locked into concrete tubes! This was a real group event, even the sunshine joined in, and epitomised the combination of fun and determination that women-only actions bring to us.


One of the realisations that I was left with was that even though getting rid of Trident remains a far-off dream, Aldermaston Peace Camp plays an important role in keeping alive the flame of women-only non-violent direct action - action that can include women of all ages, abilities and experience. If you didn't make it make sure you come along in August - 13th-14th - see you there!