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Acorn camp


We did it - we bought a new caravan for storage of our equipment! That may sound mundane but our fireside circle is worn thin with previous discussions and prevarications so we awarded the camp gold camping badge to the main mover and groover! Camp was busy - with meetings and plans and testing out new winter equipment - but lots of banners and tents buoyed up our spirits. The wild winds of Friday night resulted in the camp oak sprinkling us with acorns and caterpillars but by Saturday sun-worshippers were stripping off. As for 'them', well everything was very quiet - our complaint seemed to have resulted in the police leaving us alone and only the vile new buildings reminded us of the crazy nuclear developments. Building materials and equipment are everywhere - especially at Burghfield - (and yet they say the decision to replace Trident has still not been made???). Burghfield celebrated 9.11 by having the main back gate open and unguarded most of the weekend. Maybe it doesn't matter much if we walk (which we did, twice) but what about less friendly intruders?