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camping in the sunshine: june 10/11th

Come and join/visit us at camp this weekend: we really appreciate people coming by and supporting/chatting/bringing cake/asking for information/ telling us what's going on in your own patch/ plotting/ organising, or just sitting in the sun and thinking positive thoughts. Come for an hour, a day or the whole weekend: whatever suits you. We will be camped somewhere round the perimeter fence, probably betwen Aldermaston village and Tadley. What's the point of the camp? Well we all have lots of individual answers to that, but for me one basic aspect is just not allowing the powers that be to build and expand WMD without it being noted, witnessed, and publicised. There is something about actually being there that makes the shadowy real and turns despair into a determination to resist and build a better society. Everyone who is non-violent and with genuine concerns is welcome. Men and women in the day, women-only for evening and night. See you there: bring the sun-tan cream!