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September camp: USA Aldermaston

I drove up to a very colourful display of banners on the fence, peace flags flying in the breeze, and a new banner declaring 'USA Aldermaston'. We had a small peaceful camp,full of sunshine,walks round the base, fruit crumble and good conversations.Spurred on by the reality of the massive building site that will become the new Orion laser, we planned future actions (watch this space)and how to focus our campaign work to a few achievable objectives. Not that it was all this serious: women's new climbing skills were tested on trees,acorns rained down on our heads, and organic wine was blamed for a variety of wierd dreams (badgers, explosions,and playing the piano to cows.... Several of us stayed for the Block the Builders meeting on sunday evening and then confused the cops by camping over to monday for a demonstration at the gates as workers arrived. After lying in the road 9 times one determined woman got arrested, and the rest of us just got photographed by the police from every angle possible. After a hard couple of hours watching contractors traffic, which was not very heavy, we adjourned for breakfast at the cafe and drove home. Despite the relaxed aspects of this camp, it brought home to me yet again that the next generation of nuclear weapons is already planned and underway, whatever the lying bastards at Westminster say. This makes out work very urgent... if you're reading this and not yet a camp visitor do come and join us in October.