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Aldermaston Women’s Peace Camp July 2013

Gate poetry blockade

Every 2nd full weekend of the month sees women meeting for the wonderful Aldermaston Women’s Peace Camp. All women are welcome, and men are welcome during daylight hours. Please come to stay, or drop in for a cup of tea or a chat around the camp fire.

In July we held the famous exciting Cocktail Party!

This included a paddling pool, cocktails of course, mask making singing, feasting, discussion, and lots of knitting with pink wool.

We took our chairs, knitting and banners onto the roundabout, where we received happy waves and smiles in response, and Jain taught a policeman to knit.

When a policeman was determined to remove a banner from the gate, women simply gathered in front of the gate, and were read wonderful poems by Pat Arrowsmith. A powerful, gentle and successful action.

The sun shone, women partied and plotted, and a good time was had by all.

The next camp will be from the evening of 13th September until 15th September, maybe we’ll see you there.


Thanks to Oxford CND for publishing this article