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Sinister walking

During May we spent a lot of time being physically active: climbing the tree to look at the warhead convoy at Burghfield, running around the outer perimeter fence of AWE Aldermaston and honing our gazebo skills. I set a new course record for running around the fence. Angela got to use the ditch app on her mobile phone. We were also busy planning and drafting letters, articles and leaflets and talked about the summer cocktail party. Luckily the only time it seriously rained we had, coincidently, taken that moment to procure some essential camp supplies. The police seemed a little jumpy, worrying themselves over a woman 'walking along the fenceline'. 'Walking along the fenceline' has a bizarre ability to strike terror in the hearts of young MDP patrols. Maybe it touches on some archaic fear of carnivorous predators. Instead of fantasising about sinister walking, the MDP's time would be better spent learning about freedom of movement, rights of highway and public access.