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"Trident: Return to Sender"

Return to sender, Return to sender

You made warheads for the government

to put on subs in Faslane

But then the people protested --

Take Trident back again


We wrote upon it:Return to sender, purpose unknown.

Don't want these weapons or radiation zone.

Peace and abolition without your military trap

We'll keep on camping till you stop this nuclear crap


Now you want to make new warheads

to modernise Trident

you built a billion pound laser

with taxes criminally spent


We wrote upon it:

Return to sender, targets unknown.

No good reason to make a nuclear war zone.


Now we're gonna take those nuclear arms

and negotiate them all away

And your jobs can switch to disarmament

then you'll be free to say - the writing on the wall


Return to sender, refuse to kill

Get rid of Trident for a nuclear-free world


Return to sender

Get rid of Trident

Return to sender

Stop this nuclear crap.