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WMD Profiteers

AWE Aldermaston and Burghfield are managed for the Ministry of Defence by AWE Management Ltd (AWE ml), by a consortium of three companies: the US arms giant Lockheed Martin, the British-based company SERCO and since December 2008, Jacobs Engineering, another US company with interests in the US nuclear industry.

AWE spreads its tentacles and Serco grovels

AWE plans to spread its tentacles into Scotland, taking over the warhead complex at RNAD Coulport in Scotland, putting almost all of the UK's warhead operation into the hands of private companies.

US company Jacob's Engineering buys into AWE Aldermaston

A third share of AWE ml, the joint venture company contracted to run AWE Aldermaston, has been sold to a US company.

AWPC: Memorandum to Defence Select Committee, 2006

In advance of the parliamentary vote on the replacement of Trident, the House of Commons Defence Committee initiated a series of inquiries into the future of the UK's "strategic deterrent".

Business is booming!

The nuclear industry has always been intrinsically bound up with state militarism and in the globalised marketplace.